Saturday, August 4, 2012

Coffee Experiment - Wether's Original (B-)

When I unwrapped the Wether's Original from it's golden package, I instinctively needed to yell at some kids for walking on my lawn, and I could no longer remember how to use modern technology.

Then I put it in my coffee.  I actually forgot it was in there because it didn't do anything, at first, and I had to flavor my coffee like normal.  But a few minutes later a very nice caramel flavor had begun to seep into my coffee.  Werther's adds a very subtle change to the taste of the coffee, so, if you have one around (in your desk drawer next to your Guideposts magazine) I recommend it.

Grade: B-

Notes: It adds a very pleasant enhancement, but you still need to flavor the coffee like normal.  If you take it black, then you might really appreciate this on because it will give you a hint of flavor and a nicer texture, but won't change the coffee enough to bother you.


  1. just caught this and quickly backtracked through the whole experimental series. fun! question here...think Wether's would be worth dropping in 2 for a bigger boost? did you stir or no?

  2. p.s. weird that i posted as "unknown"...this is jonathan seabourn