Thursday, October 28, 2010

Happy Halloween...So, Do You Want to Hear Something Really Scary?

Ever heard of an exorcism?  Of course, everyone has.  But have you ever seen one?  I've never met someone who had been around something like this, and the practice of exorcism is quite suspicious to me, but there are people who will tell you that it's real and that they've seen some frightening things while witnessing such events.

Well, you no longer have to take their word for it. has brought a list of exorcism discussions and recordings for the curious.  Check out the exorcism page here, then scroll down to the bottom of the post, past the videos, and click on the Russian exorcism recording.  And wait.

Happy Halloween!


  1. You'd think the most evil force in the universe would have better things to do than invade the bodies of random people.

  2. Hey Justin, don't wanna step on any toes... but He "Satin" doesn't just possess any random person. If he thinks he can harm someones life for Christ or prevent them from pretty much saying the devil has no power over me... then his demons will take any means necessary to shatter ones spiritual strength.