Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A Very Odd Meal

I was slamming out some A/V code when my boss dropped off this bizarre thing on my desk and told me to try it:

It was a pastry with an egg in the middle. An egg in its shell. Very odd, especially for someone like me who doesn't know anything about food preparation. I asked around and others believed it to be a hard boiled egg in a pastry. Sounds OK, but what's a hard boiled egg?

Seriously, I know the name is self-evident but I had never eaten a hard boiled egg. Enter Wikipedia...ah, so I can simply remove the shell and eat the egg? What's it doing in a pastry? Where did it come from?

It seemed that the thing to do was to peel back the tentacled pastry limbs and take a stab at the egg, which turned out to be very good! It's amazing what I've been missing all this time.

The pastry was not so remarkable, mostly dry and flaky.

Anyway, have any of you seen one of these before?


  1. Try some hard boiled pickled eggs. I guarantee you will either love them or hate them. Not too much middle ground there.

  2. I thought everybody had eaten a hard boiled egg before! I guess only *normal* people have. Watch put parents: failure to feed your kids hard boiled eggs may lead to little Adams!! (of course, feeding them hard boiled eggs may lead to little me's. One of these is obviously more desirable than the other)

  3. yes, we used to have those growing up. The spanish call those Mona's. We used to have one every easter...i love those..i wish i could have one again.