Thursday, March 26, 2009

My school had a presentation of Nōgaku theater, commonly referred to as Noh theater. I really wanted to go. Not because I care about Japanese theater, but because I wanted to engage in annoying "who's on first" conversations. I think it would have gone something like this:

Me - What's going on here?

Box Office Employee - We're having Noh plays today.

Me - Oh, that's too bad, I was hoping to see a Japanese play.

Box Office - You can, the next show is starting soon.

Me - You said there were having no plays.

Box Office - That's right, Noh theater!

Me - If there are no plays, how can I watch anything? What type of show is it?

Box Office - We are showing plays with Noh storylines.

Me - Sounds does it look?

Box Office - We use Noh lighting and Noh set decoration.

Me - So, Noh script and Noh set?

Box Office - Exactly!

Me - You have noh things to be proud of.

Box Office - Thanks!

But it gets worse. People are marketing this medium online.

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