Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Pope and the Speaker of the House. A Cautionary Tale.

I would make a lousy Catholic. I can't stomach praying to anyone but Jesus and I don't agree with Papal authority. But, for once, I am applauding the Pope.

Benedict XVI recently had a fifteen minute meeting with Nancy Pelosi in which he rebuked her for her stance on abortion. This is especially poignant because Pelosi has attempted to play the part of theologian in this arena. Calling herself a Catholic, she has, laughably, attempted to state that Augustine did not know when life began and that the church fathers have struggled over the issue of abortion. (Even the most casual student of Augustine knows that he was extremely opposed to forms of birth control; it's difficult to imagine him struggling with the question of abortion.) If there is any theological concept on which the Catholic church has been consistent it is abortion and Benedict wasted no time in telling the Speaker of the House that she was mistaken.

Pope - 1, Nancy Pelosi - zero.

Actually, there are two things I like about Pope Benedict:

1 - He told an American Democrat to defend unborn babies


2 - He gets to ride around in one of these:


  1. are you suggesting that a politician might try to use religion in self-serving way, despite fundamental ignorance about what they claim to embrace???? I just can't see it . . .

    Go Pope, at least this time!