Thursday, December 18, 2008

I Won Something! Now, the Internet Will Respect Me!

I've won a caption contest over at, you can check out the oddball picture and my winning entry here. Of course, as a reader of my blog you are already accustomed to my great humor, but now it belongs to Neatorama readers, as well. Right now, you're probably proud just to know me now that I am an internet celebrity who can duke it out with Perez Hilton and Chad Vader. I expect a parade in my honor and a plaque but don't go through too much trouble, I'm a man of the people.

As a prize, I get an original drawing from Adam Koford, who draws the anthropomorphic kittens at I enjoy his artwork, so it's a cool prize. I'll try to post it when it comes in the mail.

(I don't always understand his comics, but I really like how they are drawn.)

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