Wednesday, November 19, 2008

I Will be Speaking at a Texas Medieval Symposium!

My professor told me about a cool medieval symposium and that I could be a speaker at this symposium if I sent an abstract (short proposal) to them by a certain date. I did my research and was completely ready.

Until the deadline rolled around and I forgot. Late that evening, I thought about my paper and began to consider how I should write it when a small voice said to me, "You idiot, you only have a few hours left to send in your abstract and you are not near a computer!"


I sprang into action and quickly typed it up on my Motorola Q phone and emailed the professor that evening. It was hasty and short, but at least I had tried.

I was surprised to see that they accepted my abstract the next day and would select the speakers in two weeks. I was more surprised on Monday when I got a message saying that I had been chosen as one of them! Thus, on January 30, 2009, I will be speaking at the University of North Texas Medieval Graduate Student Symposium. (Long name.) I can't wait.

I should probably write that paper at some point.


  1. If you're like me, you will write it on the evening, late evening, night, late night, early morning of January 29th!

  2. Congrats BTW, I can say that I am acquainted with a well known speaker!