Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Things that Frustrate Me - People Who Can't Walk Down the Hall

I was walking down the hallway, alone, on the right side. (Public service announcement - always walk on the right side of the hallway.) Anyway, in front of me a woman is walking toward me. I edge over to the right, giving her 80% of the hallway to wander through. She runs into me.

"I didn't see you."

I'm six and a half feet tall, lady, should I wear a siren?

Then, I move further to the right to let her by. At this time I am almost hugging the wall just so she can get past me. Believe me, a drunken cow could have blindly walked through the hallway without running into me. But not her, she does it, again. Why didn't she move toward the enormous empty part of the hall?

Then, things get really weird. She starts to wave her hands in the air, spin around, roll her eyes up and down, and say, "Ahhhaaahhhaaaaahhh....."

Did I just start a religion? What the devil is going on here? Finally, I push past her with no more regard for chivalry. Idiot.

Am I asking too much of people to not walk into me in nearly empty hallways when they can see me coming toward them at a walking pace and I have already moved to let them by? I can't make it any easier.

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  1. Adam,

    For your dilemma I have several explanations:

    -Your height disrupts the electro magnetic conditions in a typical CMU hallway, causing an increase in your gravitational field pulling in unsuspecting bystanders.

    -Or your problem could lie in the fact that you expect everyone to walk on the right, a subconscious condition formed on your right political leanings. She was obvious a liberal.

    -Or it could be that she was flirting with you.