Thursday, June 19, 2008

I watched Juno. I was bored.

Juno was a boring, annoying film.

Sure, Ellen Page is a fantastic actor. Also, having a baby and finding a good home for it, even though you are in high school where such things are not done, is very cool.

But I was bored and irritated. At the start, I was met with blaring 'indie' music. It was minimalistic and repetitive. The singers were bad and the music lacked dynamics and melodies. (Yes, I know that it is the 'style' but it sucks.) It was like I was walking past a Starbucks and some anti-government indie snob with a 'keep Austin weird' shirt was shoving his Chai Latte in my face and yelling, "I'M AN INDEPENDENT FILM!!! PLEASE LOVE ME FOR MY COUNTER-CULTURALISM!!!"

Then we enter a world where teenagers call each other 'home skillet' and so called 'interesting' characters have boring attributes like being on the track team and enjoying orange tic-tacs. And I thought Kayzer Soze was interesting. Nope, it's this loser. I know teenagers and I don't know them to talk like the ones in this film. Not even close.

Honestly, it's like someone wanted to take the horror that is Napoleon Dynamite and make it into something like Garden State, so they went to Google and typed in something like, 'words teens use' and 'hip sayings for young people' and stuck them into the dialog. And every five minutes the worlds worst music blares at you, lest you forget that you are supporting an indie film and not some big budget corporate flick.

I'd rather be watching Star Wars any day. If you want a good independent film, check out Empire Records. (Also, it boasts an excellent and relevant soundtrack.)

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  1. Hey, if you really prefer SW to JUNO, check out the PADME spoof over at :) Skewers JUNO pretty nicely.