Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I need to take guitar lessons from this guy...

I'm blogging from the Opening Bell Coffee House in Dallas where a few songwriters are on stage taking turns playing their songs. Christine and I showed up because two of the songwriters are musicians we have met and shared the stage with twice before.

Lisa and Bruce (who just got married) are really good and if I ever get to be half the guitar player Bruce is I will consider myself to be pretty good. Here's a video so you know what I mean:

See? He's way better than me. Actually, I've watched him a few times now and I'm pretty sure he's the best guitar player I know. And I know some pretty good ones.

Anway, it's a good show, as always, and we're excited that we get to play here, tomorrow night! (Thursday, June 19 at 8...)

Here's the band's we're watching tonight, it's BROKUS & PATTERSON and our friends, MARKLEY & BALMER.

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