Saturday, April 26, 2008

Van Halen Dallas, TX 4-24-2008

Since Van Halen didn't break up this week the wife and I got to check out the Van Halen show; it was great! Eddie was perfect, he's the best guitar player I have ever seen and it was a real honor just to be in the crowd to watch what he does. His brother, Alex, played a jaw dropping drum solo (I've seen a lot of these and this was the second best one I have seen, second only to Peter Furler's work) and Wolfgang, Eddie's son, played the bass like a great player beyond his mid-teenage years and handled background vocals very well. Diamond Dave was a very entertaining frontman who did a good job of putting a face on the band and leading a trio of musicians who can only speak through their instruments. A really great show.

I realized that I have seen quite a few bands at concerts and decided to make a list. Here's most of the bands I have seen live, it's a list that I hope to keep growing.

Andrew Peterson
B.B. King
Bebo Norman
Bo Diddley
Buddy Guy
Caedman's Call
Charlie Peacock
David Crowder
Deep Purple
Eric Clapton
James Taylor
Jars of Clay
Jeff Beck
Jennifer Knapp
Joe Satriani
John Foreman (of Switchfoot)
John Tesh
John Mayer
Michael W. Smith
Paul Oakenfold
Sarah Groves
Steve Vai
The Bittersweets
The Boston Pops
The Newsboys
Third Day
Van Halen
Z.Z. Top


  1. That's quite a list you've got there, but you forgot one: Christine Hand. Lots of Hand shows in our DBU years!

  2. Well, her shows were the best. In fact, I liked them so much that I joined the band!