Wednesday, April 23, 2008

I've Got Van Halen Tickets

Notice that I didn't title this blog, "I'm going to see Van Halen" because that may not be entirely accurate. I have tickets and I intend to see Van Halen perform at the American Airlines center in Dallas, this week, but I am not hedging any bets on it.

Van Halen has a terrible reputation (I could probably stop this sentence there) for canceling shows at the last minute, especially in Texas. Also, the band has trouble finishing tours because they keep breaking up and firing band members in the middle of tours. So, it would not surprise me, at all, if my wife and I did not get to use our Van Halen tickets for anything other than lining a bird cage somewhere.

Now, since my readers are sometimes too young to know who important people are, here's Van Halen, the definitive arena rock band.

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