Thursday, March 6, 2008

Thoughts from Tony Blair's Speech

I just had the privilege of hearing Tony Blair speak at SMU, where I work. His speaking was witty and informative and he gave his point of view on where he thinks the world is going. Here's a list of his main points; I tended to agree with him most of the time. I've tried to type out his thoughts without adding my own. (Any of my own personal comments I added parenthetically.) Tell me if you agree with these things:

  • Global interdependence - We need to see the world as a place where problems are solved by countries working together.
  • Free trade between countries benefits all countries; isolationism should be avoided.
  • When asked about the war on terror, he said that we must fight terrorists with our military but that the end of Islamic Terrorism will come from an exchange of ideas.
  • Africa is a rich nation filled with poor people. Rather than spend another couple of decades exchanging wealth with Africa's leaders, we should attempt to help struggling African countries with conflict resolution and stamping out governmental corruption.
  • If England were to completely shut down everything in their country that produces energy China would build enough factories, power plants, etc., in just two years to make up for it. Global pollution is not a problem one country can solve. (ed. - So, your third party Facebook application that says it can 'save the world' probably won't cut it.)
  • To avoid being energy dependent, and, thus, being subject to the whims of those who supply us with energy, Tony Blair led England to get energy from a variety of sources and to embrace nuclear power.
  • When asked to give advice to the next President of the United States, he said that the next President would need to be tough. Not to act tough in order to be a bully or just for the sake of being a tough guy, but the kind of leader who can assure the Americans and the American Allies that we will not be intimidated by the many world leaders who would take advantage of a weak American President. (ed. - FYI, These comments were not aimed at any particular Presidential candidate, he was just making the point that America must be strong because of its position in global politics.)
Overall, an excellent speech from a guy I respect. Thoughts?

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  1. I don't see how Islamic terrorists could ever be quieted by "an exchange of ideas". Their "idea" is that they are right, and everyone else should die. I can tell my my view, but they still want to kill me. How will exchanging ideas change that?