Saturday, February 16, 2008

Reader Mail.

I write 3-5 blog entries a week. Some are visited regularly by web surfers and some are almost invisible to the internet. Back in November, I wrote about the Possum Muhammad on my blog and it seems to draw one or two comments each week. I wanted to show you a few of these comments because I think they are interesting. I'm not sure why so many people come across that particular blog entry, but they do, and some of them react rather strongly. (Be warned, some of these are a little rough.)

Anonymous said...

i will kick any ones ass if there are making front of islam

Tough guy, he won't even give his screenname. And he didn't capitalize Islam, which is rather disrespectful in itself. I hope he doesn't think I am making front of him.

Anonymous said...

you are an arogant dont know anything about islam....may allah guide you

I hope Allah guides him to push the shift button when typing the first letter of proper nouns.

Anonymous said...

islam is a reglion not a joke

And I thought Islam was a proper noun. Did I say Islam was a joke? Nope. Some people don't read, they just comment. My cat does that. He can't read but he meows a lot when he sees stuff. Maybe these people are cats.

Take a drink before reading this next one:

Anonymous said...

Please don't be abnormal to make a funny story like this. If you think it's funny, then what does make it funny? It's just totally a premature thinking result of a man who has something wrong with his head. I am so angry to hear that there is no respect anymore here. How can we build a peace society if there's still someone who has no ability to learn about respects. No peace on earth if you think the most principle belief of someone whose beliefs are different with you is only a way to have popularity in this very poor blog. May God guide you.

This one reads like those '80's video games that were poorly translated from Japanese. All your blogs are belong to us!

(There's more bad English at

1 comment:

  1. you know nothing of Islam.

    you make assumption out of your stupidness and ignorance. I wont say the truth because I know you wont listen and frankly. I hope you n all arrogant ignorant stupid people like you see the truth before you all die...

    A muslim... we are not afraid of invaders who accuse us of being violence....