Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Due South

I had a serious Due South moment yesterday: I let some guy get on the bus before me and he took the last seat, so I walked home. I could have stood, but more people were getting on the bus and I figured most of them couldn't walk home in 30 minutes like I, or they were ladies, who should be given every consideration, or simply people who didn't look like they were in the right shape to walk through downtown Dallas, which is my favorite place.

If you're confused about the Due South thing, it's from a funny TV show about an overly polite Mountie who moves to Chicago. In this clip (the opening theme) you can see him walking from the airport to Chicago because he let too many people get into cabs before he did and he got tired of waiting. Anyone else remember this show? One of my favorites, and my mom gave to me for Christmas this year!

Oh, yeah, he also has a pet wolf who is deaf, but the wolf reads lips so the main character has to grab the wolf's head and point it toward him so he can read his lips when he says things to him. It's funny.

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  1. I checked out your church's website for a few minutes. I'm an old acquaintance/friend of Mike Mints and his brothers, Paul and Wayne. Great guy. Did you know that his brother Paul is pastoring a new church in Mansfield now?

    I plan on responding to your previous email soon. Thanks for writing.