Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Children's chore. I mean choir.

The other day I visited my in-law's church and was ambushed by a surprise children's choir performance. No one told me kids would be there, probably because I wouldn't have gone to see a lot of children sing like a Bob Dylan - Sanjaya duet, so I was surprised. After one song I was horrified to see my wife start to leave! I told her it wasn't fair that she got to leave and I didn't, but she left anyway to get a drink of water or something.

After the last song, she returned with a little kid behind her. I didn't understand. Did she realize a little kid was trailing her? Apparently, she did, because she said something to her as she sat down. This really threw me for a loop. Did my wife get up just to collect children from the lobby and then bring them back? Was she trying to start a little league team?

I found out later that this kid was actually a relative. "That was our flower girl," my wife patiently explained. Like I'm supposed to remember who was at my own wedding a few months ago. (I was busy) And I'm still not sure how I am related to this little kid, I think she's my cousin, or my niece. It's hard to tell because I'm pretty sure that my wife has more relatives than Tom Brady.

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