Thursday, October 25, 2007

What to do at SMU

I'm going to work at SMU, Monday morning. Along with a salary I get to go to school...for free! All well and good but everyone keeps asking me what I am going to study.

It is assumed that I will go into a business program, by most. They say I am going to get that business degree and life a rich life. Well, it's possible. I could run a business and might enjoy it greatly and be able to live a very comfortable life.

But, there is also a degree in Archaeology, Anthropology, and Medieval Studies. I would love to learn more about this stuff and write books on these topics. I fel very enriched when I study stuff like that.

Then there is Philosophy and Theology.

What do I do? I ask my friends. What would you reccomend? I can only get one free degree. Here are some choices:

Medieval Studies
Music Composition
Religious Studies
Sacred Music
Theological Studies

Tell me your thoughts.

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