Monday, October 29, 2007

New Job

I really like my new job.

It's only been a day, so I might be blogging to a different tune in a few weeks, but I am really impressed.

As soon as I arrived they gave me one of these:

And I get to walk, a lot.

Some time ago, I blogged about gaining weight. A lot of people thought it was silly that a thin man would be upset over a small belly forming, but it's a big deal. I constantly meet fat old men who say they once looked just like me.

While some of these men are lying, I know it is usually true. In their 20's their gut started growing, at first they didn't care, but in 15 years it slowly, impercetibly, turned into a really big gut. Working behind a desk for a few years led to my first visible fat, but that is all over, now. I walked more today than I normally do in a full week. I love it. That little belly is going away.

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