Thursday, July 26, 2007

The Wedding - Part 3

This was the moment that really mattered. I watched the lovely bridesmaids walk in with their beautiful yellow dresses (my mother-in-law made these dresses; she's quite talented, like her daughter) and then we waited.

Then she and her father came around the corner. It was the best thing I had ever seen.

Rumor has it that I cried a little when she walked toward me. This is only a rumor; you really can't believe everything you hear.

She had trouble getting the ring on my finger, fortunately, she was determined.

And the best part!

Then, Mr. and Mrs. Jones left to attend their reception, where we would find out if Mr. Jones really had two left feet.
To be continued...

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  1. Adam, I am gripped by your storytelling. Just in case you were wondering whether all your posting has worth it, you now know that you have one faithful reader.

    Hope you two are doing well? How was Boston (other than the obvious)?