Wednesday, July 25, 2007

My Wedding - Part 1

We played on the swings to loosen up before the wedding ceremony.

Until those darned kids came along...

Before the wedding I was pretty nervous.

Not about the wedding, but about my hand. What if the groomsmen knew I was bluffing? It was my first time to play Texas Hold 'Em and I wasn't even sure I knew what I was doing.

Andrew looked hesitant. He was out of the game early due to a big gamble in the first round. You have to take risks.

Someone came in the room to tell me to get out there, the wedding was about to start, but I had a really good hand.

I bet everything and won the rest of the pot, claiming the game, then I rose from my chair and entered the sanctuary to take my bride. Was my soon-to-be bride having as much fun as I? To be continued...

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