Friday, July 13, 2007

Made Me Proud

I just spent a week in New Orleans (without my wife, no fun) and flew in this morning, not a moment to soon.

There was a soldier in front of me getting on the plane and I thought I really want to tell him that I am glad he is doing his job as a soldier, that it really means something to me, but I really didn't know how to say it. 

I didn't have to worry, a man in front of me clapped him on the shoulder and said heartily, "Thanks for your service!", to which the soldier cheerily responded, "I appreciate that!."  Moments later we boarded the plane and a flight attendant hugged his shoulder and told us why he was such a good man for serving in the military.  I hope he felt as important as we all thought he was.

I was quite proud of my country at that moment.  I'm not proud of my fellow countrymen who hide in Washington fighting over pork scraps.  I'm proud of the honest hard-working folk who treat soldiers like heros - not because that have to, but because they want to.

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