Saturday, June 16, 2007

7 Days...My Wedding Countdown!

I'm getting married in 7 days and I thought I would write a blog a day to talk about it. One week. In one week I am married to my favorite girl. One week.

Some people have tried to talk me out of it. They think I will marry someone, then settle down and do nothing the rest of my life.

I understand their council. These are people who married the wrong person early in life and now look back and feel that they missed out on life because they were attached to another person during their prime. But that won't happen over here.

I've known a lot of girls and, while I haven't exactly dated a lot of them, I've always tried to keep away from the 'disablers', the girls who want you stop doing everything you are doing. I really can't understand why a girl would fall in love with a guy and then try to make him different. I don't get that, but it happens all the time.

Instead, my girl wants me to be who I am, she wants to add to my life and to encourage my hobbies and interests. Rather than loose my life, I will gain a partner and an encourager. Also, there's going to be a beautiful woman living in my place.

And that ain't bad.

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