Tuesday, May 29, 2007

My Fiance is Popular

I'm getting married. Naturally, there are wonderful wedding showers where friends and family shower us with gifts. I expected this, but not on this level. My fiance has about a million more friends than I do and they are turning my kitchen into...well, a kitchen.

I never really treated this place like a home, it's more like a base of operations for my life and a place to be between doing my projects. Of course, bringing in a woman means changing all of that, which is turning out to be great. And I've already started using lots of this cool stuff.

This morning I failed miserably at making coffee in the French Press. It was cold and it tasted bad. I'm missing something, there. Everything stuck to my wok instead of the vegetables and meat being tossed around when I shook the pan. I'm using a big pasta bowl to hold fruit. I'm basically out of my league with all of this serious kitchen stuff, but Christine is helping me. She's great. She is also out of my league.

I'm glad I pursued her for 5 years. I'm glad I didn't give up. I'm glad she let me put my arm around her last September and I am overjoyed that she agreed to marry me. I won't come home to an empty place or eat all of my meals alone. I can watch 'Lost' with someone and worship at church with her. It's great.

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